SFG Community

Our community includes individual members and institutional partners who are dedicated to promoting sustainable finance in Switzerland

We Catalyse Change, Be Part of It!

The SFG community comprises individual members and institutional partners from Geneva and beyond. Together, they form an exceptionally rich and diverse ecosystem, committed to making sustainable finance a central pillar of growth in business, wealth management and institutional asset management.


As our core partners, the Canton and City of Geneva play a vital role in driving the emergence of sustainable financial centres globally.


We are deeply grateful for their ongoing trust and support.

A Community Dedicated to the Growth of Sustainable Finance

Geneva hosts a distinguished ecosystem of a global financial centre with a unique mix of financial actors, and a large number of purpose-focused international actors working on diverse aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals.


In order to inform the community about the diversity of institutions active in sustainable finance in Geneva and in French-speaking Switzerland, SFG conducted Geneva’s Sustainable Finance Mapping and 248 representatives identified. Of these representatives, 81 institutions are dedicated solely to sustainable finance (pure player), 138 are private players and 97 are international organizations, foundations or associations.


The mapping shows at a glance the plenitude of the unique ecosystem that characterizes Geneva’s sustainable financial centre. It reveals the immense potential for collaboration between representatives from different backgrounds and seals the bridge between the right bank – which hosts international Geneva – and the left bank – which brings together the financial centre.


The result of this collaboration between SFG, the Canton of Geneva, IISD and the SDG Lab, the exact extent of this ecosystem is now comprehensively and explicitly listed:


  • 104 banks
  • 895 independent managers
  • 35,600 employees
  • 179 states represented in Geneva
  • 2nd headquarters of the United Nations
  • 38 headquarters of international organizations
  • 420 NGOs
  • 33,700 employees


You can also find the detailed information of the actors on the dynamic mapping of the canton here.