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Geneva’s unique ecosystem, featuring a cluster of international organizations, financial and academic institutions, has brought about a flourishing of knowledge on sustainable finance,  expertise, products, and ideas.


SFG is proud to present the books that have evolved on this knowledge and expertise of our ecosystem.


The book 10 Finance Innovations, Sustainable Finance Geneva highlights the key role that the Lake Geneva region has played in the development of sustainable finance. You can also access the French version of the book here.


Sustainable Finance Geneva has also published a book titled Financial Innovations for Global Challenges in order to give real-life examples of sustainable finance solutions. SFG brought together some 40 experts based in French-speaking Switzerland, many of them leaders in their lines of work, to identify and discuss inspiring financial innovations that are representative of the market’s rapid evolution. You can also access the French version of the book here.

Other Books

Discover our selection of actionable and relevant books below.


The Little Book of Investing in Nature

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