Geneva Ecosystem

A Community Dedicated to the Growth of Sustainable Finance

Geneva hosts a diverse ecosystem of financial actors and a large number of purpose-driven international organizations working on diverse aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals. Together, they form an exceptionally rich and diverse ecosystem, committed to making sustainable finance a force for good.

"What is so special about the Geneva ecosystem is the sheer number of different actors you have and partnerships you can build in less than 25 km2."

— Marie-Laure Schaufelberger
President of SFG

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In order to inform the community about the diversity of institutions active in sustainable finance in Geneva and in French-speaking Switzerland, SFG conducted a comprehensive mapping. In this process, 281 institutions were identified, of which 98 are dedicated solely to sustainable finance (pure players).


The mapping shows at a glance the unique sustainable finance ecosystem and reveals the immense potential for collaboration.

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