Impact Themes

Impact Themes


SFG is committed to advancing the field of sustainable finance in Geneva and beyond.  Specifically, we aim to mainstream impact by raising awareness, fostering knowledge creation & sharing, and incubating projects.  To achieve this, we have identified a number of key and emerging Impact Themes that we believe should be “on the map” for investors.


Each of these themes represents an area of sustainable finance that we feel requires more attention from the financial sector and where we believe the financial industry can have a material impact. Through our work on these themes, we provide practical data, knowledge, and resources that help financial players to take action.


For each theme, we undertake the following:

  • Dashboard – an interactive tool designed to equip the financial community with practical knowledge, enabling proactive and impactful engagement on the theme.
  • Collaborative Research – with key partners, to explore/shed light on material questions for financial professionals and to provide a basis for action.
  • Catalytic Actions – projects, tools, and resources that empower financial professionals and stakeholders to increase their capacity and implement practical steps to operationalize them.