Building Bridges

Building Bridges is more than an event, it is a powerful movement of committed people and organizations that aims to shape the global sustainable finance agenda

Building Bridges


Building Bridges is a joint initiative, launched in 2019 by Swiss public authorities, the finance community, the United Nations and other International partners to accelerate the transition to a global economic model aligned with the SDGs.


It is an open and collaborative effort that aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy in Switzerland and beyond. To this end, Building Bridges promotes the finance community’s contribution to realising the SDGs. Practically, the initiative provides a forum for discussion and cooperation among financial and other private sector actors and institutions, public authorities, international organisations, as well as not-for-profit and academic stakeholders dedicated to achieving the transition to a financial system that is fit for the future.


At the core of the initiative is the recognition that the scale and complexity of the transition require “building bridges” between the multiple stakeholders in the finance, government, and sustainable development communities.


Sustainable Finance Geneva is one of the founding partners of Building Bridges.


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Building Bridges Week 2022. Day 3. The State of Impact Funds in Emerging Markets. Photo: ©Mark Henley/Building Bridges