Launching Gender Finance Hub

We are delighted to introduce the official unveiling of our Gender Dashboard at SFG. This all-encompassing resource is meticulously crafted to enrich your understanding of the multifaceted challenges in achieving gender equality, along with the fundamental principles of gender lens investing. The dashboard offers a wealth of invaluable insights, including comprehensive information on gender dynamics, GLI funds, and a range of other resources. This empowerment tool is designed to equip you with practical knowledge, enabling proactive and impactful engagement within this sphere.


Gender Data Tab


The Gender Data Tab offers essential statistics on the current state of gender equality, both within Switzerland and on a global scale. This insightful resource provides a comprehensive overview of our standing in terms of gender equality in various domains, including society, business, and investing. Additionally, it serves as a vital tool for monitoring the strides made and the remaining progress yet to be achieved in this crucial endeavor.


GLI Funds Tab


The GLI Funds Tab comprises a comprehensive database encompassing all GLI funds managed or domiciled in Switzerland. These funds serve as tangible examples showcasing the practical application of GLI strategies in the realm of finance.


Take Action Tab


The Take Action Tab presents actionable suggestions tailored for investors, companies, policymakers, and other stakeholders seeking to integrate a gender lens into their respective initiatives.



Resources Tab


The Resources Tab provides supplementary materials that facilitate the translation of intention into action within your operational framework. These resources encompass certification options, frameworks, and guidance that empower you to effectively integrate a gender-focused approach into your endeavors.



To access to the Gender Dashboard, click here.


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