Call for GLIS Ambassadors

The Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland is proud to announce the creation of a one-year pilot Ambassadors program, running from May 2023 to May 2024.

What is the GLIS Ambassadors program?

The Ambassadors will be a group of approximately 4-5 individuals from leading Swiss Financial institutions who will promote gender equality and gender lens investing (GLI) within their institutions.  The program is made up of 4 components and will begin in May 2023:

  1. Training – a complete training for all ambassadors that helps to deepen understanding of the policies and practices (both internally and in financial services) that make financial institutions gender equitable. (1 month)
  2. Assessment – A baseline review of where their institution’s internal practices and their GLI approach. (1 month)
  3. Action Setting – A process where the Ambassadors identify 3 concrete steps that their organization can take to improve gender equality and development of an implementation plan. (2 months)
  4. Delivery – Execution of the action plan with support from the GLIS team and network. (6 months)

Throughout the program, Ambassadors will have regular check-in calls with their cohort and the GLIS team.

Who can apply to be a GLIS Ambassador?

Both men and women are accepted as ambassadors.  Ambassadors must:

  • Be an employee at a Swiss financial institution in a relatively senior role or with access to Senior Management and knowledge of the company’s structure and governance.
  • Work in the financial side of the business (i.e. not in corporate services).
  • Be passionate about promoting gender equality; no prior training or experience with GLI is required.
  • Have approximately 5-7 hours per month to commit to being an Ambassador.

NOTE: Ambassadors will need to obtain an endorsement from their supervisor or organizational leadership to participate in the program.

Why participate?

Four main reasons:

  1. Make a difference and advance gender equality in the Swiss financial industry.
  2. Influence your organization’s approach to sustainability and show internally that you are a self-starter.
  3. Become an expert on gender lens investing and gender equality in institutions.
  4. Grow your network in Switzerland and the gender equality community.

How to Apply

Please complete your application form and submit your endorsement letter here by April 7, 2023.

About the GLIS

The GLIS aims to enhance Switzerland’s contribution to SDG 5 and mobilize more capital from Swiss-based institutions for gender lens investing.

The GLIS’ engages in three main pillars of work:

  • Establishing industry standards and advocating for their adoption and implementation in Swiss Institutions.
  • Completing and disseminating market research related to gender lens investing in Switzerland.
  • Promoting and raising awareness of financial innovation and products with a gender lens, as well as SDG 5 more broadly.



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