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Preventing greenwashing in the Swiss financial sector: latest developments

Greenwashing is seen, both in Switzerland and abroad, as a major risk to the implementation of effective sustainability policies. Efforts to combat greenwashing are therefore intensifying. Among the most recent developments occurred in Switzerland, this paper covers the Federal Council's decision of October 2023 to regulate by ordinance its strategy for combating greenwashing and the guideline published last December by the Swiss Commission for Fair Trading on green marketing.

Annual Report 2023

Our 2023 Annual Report is now available and we are looking forward to your reading. It regroups all the essential information and highlights the key events that took place at SFG in 2023.

Key Takeaways from Building Bridges 2023

Another edition of Building Bridges has come and gone and as the movement grows so too does the quality and diversity of the dialogue that happens within the conference program. This year, SFG strove to bring unique, forward-thinking topics to the agenda. Here are three key takeaways from each of our main events.

Interview of the Month: Climate Fresk

This month, we sat down with professional facilitators, Marina Protopopoff and Julien Zory, who are helping our members understand the fundamental science of climate change and biodiversity.  They told us more about the Climate Fresk movement and how it's changing the way people understand and interact with the biggest challenges of our time.

Findings from the latest Equileap Report

Every year Equileap publishes its Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, which analyses 3,787 public companies around the world based on 19 gender equality criteria.  We took the liberty of compiling the key findings globally and in Switzerland. Read now

Call for GLIS Ambassadors

The Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland is proud to announce the creation of a one-year pilot Ambassadors program, running from May 2023 to May 2024. We are searching 4-5 ambassadors.

Impact Measurement: between Solutions and Challenges

This month, we interviewed Tom Adams, co-founder and chief strategy officer at 60 Decibels, a company that specializes in data collection for impact measurement. He helps us to understand the complex world of impact measurement by debunking old persistent myths and he is providing us with solutions to truly modernize our impact measurement practices.

Swiss Federal Council Reports on Sustainable Finance

Oberson Abels briefly explains the two recent documents published by the Swiss Federal Council intended to give an update on the progress made in the past few years in sustainable finance and to highlight some forthcoming developments. The Council presents ways to fight greenwashing and highlights 15 measures to be implemented from now until 2025 to further consolidate Switzerland's position to play a leading role in sustainable finance.

SFG's 15th Year Anniversary: Tour de Table with SFG's Founders!

For our 15th year anniversary, we asked our founding members to look at what has been accomplished in the field of sustainable finance over the past 15 years and what are the challenges that still need to be overcome to make sustainable finance truly mainstream. Here are some of their thoughts. 

Event Summary: State of Finance for Nature

On December 6, we were pleased to host another Ideas for Breakfast event. This time, we had the opportunity to have as guests the UN Environment Program (UNEP) Team so they could impact for our members their new State of Finance for Nature report they just released.

What to Expect at COP15 on Biodiversity and the Role of Private Finance

This month, we interviewed Ivo Mulder, Head of the Climate Finance Unit at UN Environment Programme. He shed light on the many opportunities that nature finance presents, the evolving world of nature-related risk disclosure, and the private finance industry’s levers in preserving and restoring biodiversity, including some specific ideas for Geneva-based actors.

Innovation in Health Finance

This month, we had the chance to talk with Pradeep Kakkattil, Co-Founder Health Innovation Exchange. Mr. Kakkattil touched on the critical role the private sector and private financing can play in scaling access to healthcare and saving lives. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how fragile and vulnerable how health care systems were, thus emphasizing the need for more resilitent systems to ensure our economic development and future are not imperiled. 

Nature Finance: the Next Wave

This month we spoke with Dr. Simon Zadek, soon to be the first Executive Director of NatureFinance. Core to our discussion was how best to scale market-shaping policies, innovation, and citizen action to make nature count in global finance. We also discussed how the unique Geneva and Swiss ecosystems are creating a global centre of excellence in nature finance. 

La Genève internationale et l’urgence climatique

Secrétaire général de l’organisation mondiale de la météorologie OMM de 2004 à 2015, Michel Jarraud est l’auteur du rapport « La Genève internationale et l’urgence climatique ». Dans l'interview de ce mois-ci, il partage les conclusions de cette nouvelle publication et son point de vue sur la manière d'accélérer l'action climatique.

Open Innovation for Sustainable Finance

The dates of the Sustainable Finance Hackathon 2022 were recently announced so we took the opportunity to sit down with Thomas Maillart, the President of Open Geneva to learn more about how we can leverage open innovation to advance sustainable finance and to explore how the SFG community can participate in their upcoming Hackathon!

La Genève International – État des lieux 2022

La fondation pour Genève vient de publier son dernier rapport sur l’état des lieux de la Genève internationale. Dans ce rapport, Michel Jarraud, a analysé l’écosystème genevois afin de souligner les forces et les faiblesses du pôle genevois et d’en tirer un ensemble de recommandations.

Meet Our New President

SFG's General Assembly saw the election of our New President, Marie-Laure Schaufelberger. In our Interview of the Month, we ask Marie-Laure about her vision for the organization and the unique role SFG plays in advancing a sustainable future.

Meet GLIS' New Vice President - Sarah Djari

Sarah Djari is the new Vice President of the Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland. She is an accomplished impact investor with practical experience in applying a gender lens to financial product creation. Get to know her and her views on the importance of gender lens investing.

Overcoming Barriers to Scaling Impact

Impact finance continues to gain traction but challenges still exist that prevent it from meetings its full potential. Patrick Elmer, the CEO of iGravity, sat down with us to discuss unique investment solutions and how tackling key barriers through novel solutions can drive capital to the SDGs.

Comment la finance contribue à la paix

Une obligation pour la paix sera lancée début 2022 de Genève. Ce «peace bond» veut financer des projets économiquement viables dans les pays les plus fragiles de la planète, en offrant un rendement attractif aux investisseurs.

Building Bridges: les temps forts du sommet

Building Bridges, le grand rendez-vous de la finance durable s'est terminé vendredi. Son président, Patrick Odier, a ouvert lundi le sommet à la Maison de la Paix, à Genève, en présence du conseiller fédéral Ueli Maurer et de la présidente du Groupe des Nations unies pour le développement durable, Amina Mohammed.

Libérer la liquidité

Les actifs privés sont réservés aux investisseurs qualifiés. Un frein considérable à l’investissement d’impact. La solution de Guillaume Bonnel de Credit Suisse.

Investir dans l'égalité hommes-femmes: mode d'emploi

La moitié de la population mondiale est délaissée par les investisseurs, qui continuent à considérer les femmes comme une niche. Comment débloquer cette situation, selon des pistes proposées dans le cadre de Building Bridges Week, la série d'événements consacrés à la finance durable organisée à Genève.

Climate responsibility goes beyond nine-to-five job

The finance community and world at large need to go beyond their nine-to-five job and take individual responsibility in making the planet a more sustainable place, the United Nations’ deputy secretary general Amina Mohammed urged at the Building Bridges summit on Monday.

'It’s time to widen the lens of sustainable finance'

The UN climate conference in Glasgow brought fresh commitments from financial institutions to align investments with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change. However, if unaccompanied by investments to improve the lives of people around the world, the effort may be doomed from the start.

Un momentum vertueux

«Building Bridges ne sera un succès que si les évènements organisés sont pertinents et aboutissent à des résultats concrets». Entretien avec Patrick Odier, président de Building Bridges.

SFG’s Leading Lady Rehashes Geneva’s Defeat

Why did Geneva lose the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) bid to Frankfurt? High hopes that the body—considered key to the future of sustainable finance—were dashed, when the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) settled on Germany as its final choice.

Déception pour la finance durable genevoise

Le canton n’accueillera pas l’organisme international appelé à créer les normes comptables du futur, qui incluront des dimensions environnementales. Francfort a été désignée sur la base de considérations d’ordre politique.

Market news

France took a new and historic step on its journey to SDG5 in May 2021, when its legislator, the National Assembly, unanimously voted in favour of quotas for women in business leadership roles...

Building Bridges : quelle aventure !

With the Week, made up of 31 events, organized by 52 partners, and an estimated 1000+ attendees, and the Summit that brought together 800 high level participants, 26 partners, and 36 speakers...

Le monde change la finance innove

Convaincu que la finance de demain se prépare aujourd’hui, Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) présente dans un livre 60 innovations financières face à 10 changements globaux pour promouvoir la finance durable.

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