Special Webinar: Ethics & Trust in Finance

15h-16h CET
Zoom Webinar


The Ethics and Trust in Finance Prize asks people under the age of 35 working in or studying finance to reimagine how financial institutions, together with their stakeholders, can balance the desire for growth, security, and stability with aspirations for a more sustainable, accessible, and inclusive financial paradigm.

This webinar, cohosted by Sustainable Finance Geneva and the Obervatoire de la Finance, will feature a selection of the past winners of the Prize to share their unique ideas about trust and ethics in the financial system, and to engage the audience in discussion and debate.

  • Julie Segal: First Prize winner of the 8th. edition (2020-2021) – awarded for “Justice and Sustainability: Pricing in Physical Climate Risks” which examines the consequences of pricing in climate risks on environmental justice.
  • Babatunde Onabajo: First Prize winner of the 6th. edition (2016-2017) – awarded for “When Banks Do Not Always Know Best” which examined the ethical implications of contactless cards and a cashless society.
  • Ross Murdoch: First Prize winner of the 5th edition (2014/2015) – awarded for “Behavioural Ethics and the Next Generation in Finance” which analyses how behavioural ethics can enable young professional in finance to understand the pressures they face and to become ambassadors for ethical decision-making.

NOTE: Alumni are speaking in a personal capacity and their views should not be treated as reflecting those of their employer.

The $20,000 prize is currently open for applications until May 29, 2023. More info here: https://www.ethicsinfinance.org/


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